Fact-Checking Policy

Then Burj News we do our stylish to be impeccably clear and precise with words, captions, and URLs and understand that information brings power and responsibility.

pens for must corroborate the information they gather and write at all times.
This includes relating information similar as names, locales, factual statements, and accounts related to the content.

pens do their own fact- checking using their own judgment and information under the light of our Ethics Policy.
Burj news can and will use fact- checkers both online and within the editorial platoon in certain circumstances if need be.

We’re committed tonon-partisanship, translucency of sources, translucency of backing, and being open to reasonable review and corrections in our association. We check the information with all affiliated parties before publishing it online.
Still, we first communicate the source of the claim for farther elaboration and supporting information, If we admit a claim regarding fact- checking on our website. We also communicate individualities and associations who would have further information about or have applicable experience on the subject at hand, as well as probing applicable literature( news papers, scientific and medical journal papers, books, interview reiterations, statistical sources) that has bearing on the content.

We don’t fact- check opinions but we always will accentuate the difference between instructional content and opinion content.
If we believe we should fact- check or else correct information on our website please report it to info@burjnews.com and we will do our stylish to probe every claim.