Corrections Policy

Burj News its contributors always do our stylish to insure that information and data cited are accurate. still, miscalculations do do, especially concerning the work that we do. We’ll correct any inaccuracies brought to our attention at the foremost occasion and with due elevation.

still, we drink and encourage you to bring crimes to our attention, If data are stated inaptly or if the information is inaptly linked or presented. Our policy is to admit the mistake on time, when it’s brought to our attention, and to state the data rightly.
Opinion commentary reflects the opinion of the individual pens. We’ve lately added a ‘ Submit News ’ section where we’d publish opinion grounded papers by the Burj News or co-contributors.

We admire free speech and we admire all shoes, except hate, racism or demarcation. We’ll always distinguish easily between statements of fact, guess or opinion.
The Burj News will take all reasonable way to identify and credit the originator of any third- party content to help insure that imprints are admired. Any failure to credit the originator will be corrected with due elevation at the foremost occasion when issues are brought to our attention.

We seek to work and engage constructively with those who feel that we’ve either misrepresented or made blatant crimes about them. In doing so we’d be prepared to work with you as to what would be the stylish result to the problem. This could range from deleting the content from our point and varied social media platforms and/ or publishing a full retraction/ reason on our news point and accompanying social media channels. We’ll not wince down from addressing crimes.
We’re also open to questions about the decision timber and conduct of those who are employed directly by Burj News and set high norms for those involved in the organisation.

If you feel that we’ve made a blatant error or trip also please respond to us on and we will respond within 24 hours